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National Institute on the Assessment of Adult Learning

June 14 - 16, 2017 | Atlantic City, NJ

Advancing best practices of adult learning assessment is the primary mission of the National Institute on the Assessment of Adult Learning, as well as the main goal of the association’s intensive learning summit, held annually. At this year’s event, fivestar* CEO and CTO Dave Colaizzi will co-present the workshop “Credit for Prior Learning: The Start of Something Big” with Dr. Cristy Sugarman, Director, Center for Alternative Studies & Educational Testing, North Shore Community College.

Established by Thomas Edison State University, a public institution that provides flexible, high-quality, collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults, the National Institute on the Assessment of Adult Learning is geared towards professionals in education who are involved, or have recently become involved, in prior learning assessment (PLA).

Selected to share their perspectives, Dr. Sugarman and Mr. Colaizzi will discuss how the Massachusetts Community College system (MCCS) — supported by fivestar* solutions – leverages collaboration and technology to help jobseekers and students make decisions about career options and education, streamline the process of assessing prior learning and coordinate portfolio coaching.

The credit for prior learning application developed by fivestar* will be featured during the workshop, which is the forerunner platform to the larger scale GPSTEM project — a statewide, three-year pathways initiative that coordinates and integrates higher education, labor and workforce development, career services and industry in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Specific to the needs of educators, administrators, educational officers and institutional teams attending to learn about current best practices and how to begin, or improve upon, a PLA program, the workshop will cover key decision points made, including program design and how the program is being delivered and promoted.

For more information about the event, visit the conference website.