In 2017 fivestar* entered our 20th year, and the journey has been evolutionary! Back in 1997, the Internet was mostly accessed through dial-up, and fivestar* was predominately designing programs delivered via CD-ROM. Today, we’re designing data-driven technology solutions that deliver real-time information on demand, responsively designed, directly to a device in your pocket. We all have come a long way, but the core of fivestar* has remained constant. When we started, our vision was simple: to create a company where talented people could do challenging work, with interesting clients, in a fun environment that fostered growth. We also wanted to be easy to work with and give something back to the community. We’re happy to say that after two decades, our work is still challenging, our team more talented, our clients are as interesting as ever — and we are still having fun!


Dave Colaizzi and Lou Camerlengo incorporate fivestar* in March 1997 and open their first office in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.



The team, small but mighty, moves into their first official office — it was located on Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Uptown neighborhood.



fivestar* wins their second of three Pittsburgh Business Times Top 100 awards.



This was a big year for fivestar*: the team relocates to Pittsburgh’s Northside, accepts their first of two Inc. 5000 awards and a Pittsburgh Pacesetters award, and is recognized as one of the best places to work in Pittsburgh.


The team develops a landmark content management and publishing system for one of our Fortune 500 clients. The solution is still in place today, streamlining their everyday business needs.


The team embarks on our first iOS and Android mobile app development projects for one of our Fortune 500 clients.


This marks the tenth year that fivestar* is recognized as a Microsoft Partner — a decade of strengthening capabilities, better serving our customers and building key connections that allow us to do the best work for our clients.


fivestar* celebrates two decades of Insight, Ingenuity and Innovation and is recognized as one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania.

As we look forward to the next 20 years, we are excited to continue to help solve your challenges and enhance your efficiency to make it easier for you and your teams to achieve your goals.