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Changing the Nature of Work

The true business advantage for any company lies within their ability to think and move quickly, in real time, in response to change. No matter the level of complexity, uniqueness, or degree of urgency your software project demands, Five Star has the extensive technical knowledge to swiftly target and introduce innovative solutions.

And because the business environment is in a constant state of change, you need to see a solution in action before it’s launched. Our experts test assumptions, create system simulations, and phase deployment in order to test-drive ideas. Along with developing your technology, our implementation and training services ensure your people are equipped to use it.

Find out more about how we helped organizations tackle complex operational IT challenges, speed up business processes, and raise levels of performance:

Global Sales Enablement Portal

A global financial services company’s existing North American sales portal required an extensive transformation to incorporate the company’s five additional global regions into its structure. Additionally, each region required unique administrative capabilities. Solving the critical ... Learn more

Chain Store Data Mobile App

A food retailer with more than 400 multi-state locations was seeking tech expertise to develop a web-mobile application that would enable district and regional managers to schedule, complete and report on store surveys. Technology is ... Learn more

Authoring and Publishing App

A major global financial services organization heavily relied on a paper-based standards management system. Users around the world required this information, requiring massive paper volumes to be printed, shipped and distributed around the globe in ... Learn more

Realistic Job Preview

Although one of the fastest growing convenience stores in the nation, with $4B+ in sales, 350+ locations across 6 states, and 15,000+ employees — the family-owned business was experiencing an average 49 percent personnel turnover ... Learn more

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