A university needed an efficient means for revising and distributing its Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations plan. With protocols to address specific types of emergencies, the plan includes notification instructions and operating procedures in the event of a significant disruption to the university. Content development, authoring, ease of maintenance, user friendliness and publishing features were at the top of the requirements list.

With the need to more effectively communicate and implement emergency management procedures, the university partnered with fivestar* to develop a tool that:

  • Provides a more organized content presentation with improved clarity
  • Offers better content categorization on a more granular level
  • Provides just-in-time online fulfillment that encourages electronic delivery
  • Supports controlled, customized and auditable content distribution
  • Allows for keyword searches of the plan content

This user-friendly tool is designed so that individual offices can create emergency and contingency plans specifically tailored to individual needs while dramatically reducing the time it takes for new information to be approved and published.

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