QuickTrainforJobs.com is a comprehensive employment connector web tool designed to help job seekers find open, available, short-term and affordable training based on current regional employment needs. The website successfully supports a world-class workforce development system in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board (3RWIB) formed a public-private system of more than 80 workforce development stakeholders, known as Pittsburgh Works. Their fast-track job site, QuickTrainforJobs.com, is the result of fivestar*’s development expertise. With our custom content management system, 3RWIB non-technical staff can access and manage nearly every aspect of the website. Training providers with administrative access can add, delete, and edit course offerings on the fly.

Connecting jobseekers with low-cost, high-quality, short-term occupational training and employment, the platform:

  • Highlights regional high demand occupations – increasing hiring success rates
  • Streamlines information for job seekers – promoting short-term training available in the region
  • Connects candidates to service providers and community resources
  • Generates reporting data for training administrators and career counselors

Funded by the Highmark Local Workforce Initiative, Quick Train for Jobs serves as a clearinghouse for training programs with some of the region’s most recognized institutions including the Community College of Allegheny County, Bidwell Training Center, and the University of Pittsburgh Manufacturing Assistance Center.

Solution Highlights

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Go above and beyond the traditional job posting advertisement. A dedicated, regional website provides an effective platform that helps job seekers understand not only which jobs are available, but what to expect, what skills are required, and the programs and agencies that can support them. By addressing the job’s what, where, and how – individuals are better equipped to navigate a path to gainful employment.

The dedicated website for job-seekers focuses on industries and occupations, short career assessments, wage information, and job openings in a targeted region. Service providers are highlighted in order to help individuals overcome obstacles to employment – from meeting program prerequisites, such as obtaining a GED, or locating assistance such as child care, transportation, and more.

Dedicated Job-Seeker Website

Promote high-demand career fields that are hiring in the region — and provide up-to-date resources for training and any prerequisites — with a content builder that can post details online in real-time. With this feature, career counselors can quickly and easily edit and publish information (including media) without the need for complex technical coding. This empowers career counselors to keep ‘now hiring’ careers — along with their corresponding training programs — accurate, reliable and timely, leading to higher success rates for job seekers and companies in need of talent.

Career Field Training Content Management

Knowing what opportunities exist is just the starting point. From interests and abilities to childcare options, background requirements and transportation details – motivated individuals looking for work need more information before they plunge into the job training and application process. Are they a good fit for the job? Can they earn a living by following this career path? What other considerations will impact landing – and keeping – a job in this field? Pave the way to the right career path by removing uncertainties and providing details for decision-making clarity. By including characterization of a career field, job seekers can evaluate critical job requirements, employment sustainability and their personality fit.

Career Field Characterization

Get people back to work quickly by featuring on-demand occupations available in the region. Career counselors can quickly and easily upload jobs, which are then automatically associated to the coordinating industry(s) on the website following Department of Labor SOC code. Using permission-based access rights, career data is easily accessible and kept-up-to-date.

Job to Industry Connector

Site visitors can register for a personal account in order to keep track of training programs, prerequisites and unrestricted access to job openings. An intuitive, personalized dashboard of job openings and programs of interest helps job seekers track and coordinate open job opportunities with available training options.

Job Candidate Account Dashboard

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