A leading global financial services organization sought to reduce the time required to immerse people in the key aspects of their industry by implementing a highly interactive business simulation.

Although necessary, the existing format of week-long seminars four times per year for the company’s financial executives was often problematic. The content however — how to better understand the bankcard business through guided instruction in marketing, operations and risk management — was critical to the business. So, in order to truly understand the breadth and depth of the industry, it was determined that real-world simulations were needed to improve learning and reduce the time required to train on key concepts.

fivestar* developed an online business simulation for the program linking a web interface, including graphics, audio and custom video, to complex financial models. Using the simulation, executives work in competing teams to make decisions in a real-world environment. fivestar* also created a version for the European Bankcard Management School held each year in Cambridge, England.

The program has become a signature learning event for our client’s external partners and has been conducted in multiple locations for more than a decade. Participants consistently report the simulation is an invaluable tool for understanding the material and applying it on the job for positive business results.


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