ShaleNET brings together oil and natural gas industry leaders, the public workforce system, and community and technical colleges across state lines to link workers with stackable training and jobs. fivestar*'s hands-on, technology partner role with the ShaleNET coalition fueled the development of an incredibly successful website and case management system. It supports a multi-state, streamlined stackable credential model program that focuses on standardized curricula and mapping clear career pathways for adult students.

A robust tech platform is the underpinning for scalability …

Exceptional success of a US Department of Labor Community-Based Job Training Grant (CBJTG) — which focused on developing technology to support the recruitment, non-credit training and placement for in demand occupations in Pennsylvania — led to additional funding through the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant program, which scaled the system to include progressive and transferrable educational experience from certificate through two-year and ultimately four-year degrees in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

… and exceptional success rates for a national workforce development initiative.

To date, ShaleNET has informed more than 43,650 site visitors on natural gas and oil career opportunities; served more than 6,400 program participants; and resulted in more than 3,675 employed workers — a resounding success for the project and the US economy.

This innovative workforce development platform:

  • Centralizes an online path to industry information and career services — helping workforce counselors establish, manage and serve a pipeline of qualified labor specific to oil and natural gas
  • Personalizes access to programs and services of local workforce development and education providers — optimizing opportunities for job candidate success
  • Streamlines applicant-counselor-educator interactions — increasing recruitment and retention of a skilled and dedicated workforce in a targeted region
  • Enables workers to progress from a short-term certificate to a two- and/or four-year bachelor's degree and beyond in their targeted field — facilitating 'learn and earn' opportunities

Solution Highlights

Click on the links below to expand on the project deliverable highlights: is an intuitive online public portal designed to educate and share information on the oil and gas industry, connect individuals with related education and training, as well as track their progress throughout the process.

ShaleNET Website

The industry digest is a collection of informative content for job-hunters who are interested in learning more about oil and natural gas. A creative collection of useful and actionable industry knowledge offers helpful, hyper-relevant information while simultaneously giving interested individuals the information they need to make important decisions about a career in the industry.


Industry Digest

Deliver critical pre-employment career information as well as industry-specific screening tools to website visitors more efficiently and effectively through the power of visuals. Interactive career resources include realistic job previews delivered through video interviews and real-world video narratives, intuitively designed education and training guidebooks, helpful diagrams and infographics, as well as interactive maps and calendars.

Engaging multimedia resources go above and beyond the standard pre-screening checklist by providing individuals with up-close and detailed understanding of the industry and related careers. A complete picture of their career choices — before entering the field — assists the jobseeker’s decision-making and improves the likelihood of placing and retaining talent that is both able and willing to meet the job requirements and demands.

Interactive Career Resources

Setup and prepare workers for success now and in the future as they learn and earn. Featuring standardized curricula with the maximum flexibility of a stackable credential model, students can follow an educational roadmap — exiting the education system when they reach the training milestones that qualify them for a job today, and offering the flexibility to re-enter and advance their credentials when additional skills are needed in the future.


Stackable Credential Model

A robust job real-time, web-enabled candidate management toolset enables workforce counselors to invite, search for and manage job candidates in the system — seamlessly following the participant outcomes at both the individual and institutional organization level.

This centralized online administrative hub includes comprehensive, role-based, actionable dashboard views — enabling workforce service providers, industry, and educational institutions to continuously and seamlessly receive, triangulate, administer and report on multiple data sources.

Surpass data barriers and maximize collaboration to pinpoint and quickly fill in-demand vacancies with qualified workers — comprehensive, at-a-glance views of current activities streamline applicant-counselor interactions.

Job Candidate Management Toolset

A user-friendly content management system lets program administrators keep content current, independent of IT staff. Through permissions, user/administrators can add schools, workforce investment board and career center updates as well as training provider details.

Real-time web and permission-based access through an easy-to-use site management interface ensures information remains accurate as workforce scenarios fluctuate, creating successful outcomes in recruitment, retention and the economy.

Custom Content Management System

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