The Student Pathways application (SPA), part of the GPSTEM initiative, helps job-seekers and prospective students make informed decisions about career options — matching individual interests and skills with programs and careers. Factoring in the individual's unique needs, expectations and preferences, the application identifies nearby Massachusetts Community Colleges with relevant academic programs that match career preferences.

In addition to aligning individual interests, goals and college offerings, the application is supported by current labor market information. As a result, site visitors receive a customized online experience that culminates with a detailed action plan tailored to their personal career and academic objectives, furthering their educational and professional growth — while driving program interest and student enrollment within the college system.

Technology can be the solution…

At a high-level, SPA:

  • Promotes and drives prospective students to the application
  • Assesses experiences, preferences and unique needs
  • Presents prospective students with high-demand jobs in the region
  • Identifies applicable, local college programs and offerings
  • Delivers a personalized action plan outlining next steps
  • Provides administrators with data and insight into academic and occupational preferences

… to getting students in the right programs and on the path to success.

As one layer of GPSTEM, SPA can work in partnership with the Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) platform to identify if a prospective student is able to obtain credits for the particular program they select.

Solution Highlights

Click on the links below to expand the solution highlights. As you explore, keep in mind that fivestar* develops custom solutions — features can be altered, adjusted, added or removed based on individual client needs.

The SPA website promotes the importance of making informed decisions about career paths by offering relevant resources, statistics and tools to perspective students. Directly from the website, students engage in a personalized process that puts them on the education path that leads to high-demand jobs. For college administrators, the site offers insight into regional, academic and occupational preferences while opening up a direct connection to prospective students.

SPA Website

Leveraging SPA’s Interest Profiler feature, prospective students can explore training programs and career paths through a series of interactive questions.  This easy-to-navigate identification tool collects an individual’s likes, dislikes, experience, needs and goals, and using robust algorithms, presents relevant, regional employment opportunities and correlated academic programs. Guesswork is eliminated as students are set on the path to success. What’s more, conditional logic is used to ensure only relevant questions are asked – making the process as productive and quick as possible.

Interest Profiler

Students are presented with a customized Career Action Plan based on their Interest Profiler responses and results. The Career Action Plan summarizes responses, lists careers and programs that align with preferences, outlines enrollment next steps and provides contact information for the college representative who can help the student along the way. This personalized and actionable plan is the framework needed to successfully enroll into the programs that will help them achieve their opportunities of interest. College admission advisors also receive a copy of the Career Action Plan, creating a proactive approach to student acquisition.

Custom Career Action Plan

Administrative reporting delivers intelligence on regional employment data, including: demand, growth outlook, number of jobs filled and salaries. The data dashboard presents metrics in a clear, easy to digest way, and reports can easily be exported.

Administrative Reporting

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