How a leader in precision medication management and pharmacogenetic testing automated data to inform clinical decision making


A leader in precision medication management and pharmacogenetic testing needed to automate data so as to showcase medical information and interactions to both patients and providers. Our client sought a solution to eliminate the trial-and-error approach to prescribing medications by creating two-way communication between physicians and patients to gain a better understanding of how a person’s genes could impact the prescriptions they take.


fivestar* worked with our client to understand the workflows of medication management, pharmacological testing, and prescribing.

The project management team, designers, and developers collaborated to ensure that the feedback from the numerous stakeholders of the system was correctly prioritized and represented in the solution. Part of this experience was building an understanding of the data landscape within this space. Using Robotic Process Automation eliminated cumbersome manual processes and standardized data management  fivestar* developed a self-service portal that would allow individuals to:

  • update their medication list
  • communicate with their physician
  • and see risk assessments based on their drug and gene interactions

The self-service portal became a fast-growing application where patients could complete an online profile and receive recommendations for pharmacogenetic testing, which resulted in further guidance related to the interactions between their genetics and prescribed medications.

On the administrative side, the portal enabled administrators to manage not only patient accounts, but also physician practices, whose medical staff utilized the portal’s capabilities to manage and interact with their own patients. The application further enhanced new capabilities to our client’s partners, such as providers of pharmaceutical services to managed care facilities, who delivered the portal’s powerful pharmacogenetic features to their entire customer base.

fivestar* used business intelligence and configurable rules to enable users to hone-in on critical indicators or changes
in data that otherwise required extensive, time-consuming data analysis


The solution leveraged the expertise and data of different partners who provided insight about medication conflicts based on drug-drug and drug-gene interactions. It was critical to integrate this data to enable practices to access it and make better patient treatment decisions. fivestar* coordinated with the partners to build secure pathways and APIs and engaged practices in the design of the interfaces and tools that would allow them to manage their patients.


built with Microsoft .net
application built with angular
Azure DevOps
Kendo UI: The Art of Web Development
Fivestar developed a platform to synthesize data for better clinical decision-making


The self-service portal has been onboarding new practices and incorporating new features for patient and medication management. Additional services have been included due to partner organizations improving their own operations through better data and workflow because of the portal capability.

The value to the practices has been realized through increased efficiency in managing patient medications and the additional insight provided through the integration of the genetic testing data. The centralization of this data has allowed for a decreased cost in data management and licensing fees.

Why a custom solution?

As the self-service portal is a primary revenue stream for our client, they did not want to be tied to licensed products.

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