Employee Spotlight: Craig Stefanchik – Financial Guru, Father, and Avid Pittsburgh Sports Fan


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Craig Stefanchik - Financial Guru, Father, and Avid Pittsburgh Sports Fan

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and lived here my entire life until my late 20s. After I got married, I moved to Virginia with my wife and spent the next decade in Charlottesville we started a family and had four childrenI was working at a small software company at the time where I worked my way up from assistant controller to the director of finance. After the company was acquired in the spring of 2016 we decided it was time to move back to Pittsburgh.  IDecember of 2016 I received a job offer and we made the move back to the burgh in January of 2017.   Fast forward to now – I’m excited to get back to working with a company like fivestar* where I’m perfectly positioned to leverage my experience to make the largest impact, straight away.  

Craig S.

Craig Stefanchik

What brought you to fivestar*?

FSD Building


Most of my career I have worked for companies like fivestar*, so when I first met Dave Colaizzi (fivestar* co-founder and CEO) through a mutual friend in 2018 we immediately hit it off. The timing wasn’t right for me to join fivestar* then, but fast forward a year, everything has changed and I’m super excited to be joining the fivestar* team!  

What are you most excited to get started on?

Where do I start? I think the thing I’m most excited for is to  make an impact. I know I’ll be a huge asset to Dave and the leadership team right away by taking things off of their plate and allowing them to focus on the areas they are most needed in. Beyond that – I’m excited to dive into working on a diverse portfolio of businesses. There’s just so much going on at 1501 Preble Avenue and I can’t wait to dive and make an impact immediately.  

What is your role as finance director?

My role includes a little bit of everything, primarily I’ll be focused on day-to-day accounting and finance tracking but my role extends well beyond that. I’ll be providing cash flow management, P&L projections, and generally leading finance efforts at fivestar*. I’m ready and excited to jump in and help grow fivestar* immediately.  

What are your hobbies?

I have 4 hobbies – my kids! Seriously - when I’m not leading finance efforts at fivestar*, I’m fully dedicated to child rearing and activity management. I’m also a lifelong die-hard Pittsburgh sports fan, but how can you not be?  

What’s a unique fact about yourself?

Everything I do is for my family – I’m fully dedicated to my job and my family.  

Craig S.

About the Author: Craig Stefanchik

As director of finance, Craig oversees all day-to-day finance & accounting activities for fivestar* including cashflow management and P&L projections. Craig brings with him with over 10 years of experience leading finance teams across a wide variety of business. Craig has a bachelor’s in accounting from Robert Morris University and his MBA from the University of Tennessee at Martin. When he’s not managing fivestar*’s day-to-day financial operations, Craig loves spending time with his family and is a full-time activity manager for his four kids.

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