Employee Spotlight: Mark Erdeljac, full-stack developer, cybersecurity expert, and lifter of heavy things.


Employee Spotlight: Mark Erdeljac, full-stack developer, cybersecurity expert, and lifter of heavy things.

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Tell us a little about yourself.

For starters, I’m from Meadville and am still currently living there. I had moved to Pittsburgh while my wife was getting her masters and then we moved back to here. I started school at Mercyhurst in a 3 and 2 program for pharmacy but ended up changing my major to computer science. Now I’m a full-stack .net developer but I love learning and working on any number of technologies. I’ve always been into cybersecurity as well, keeping up on the latest best practices, hacks, trends, you name it.  

Outside of work I love sports – golf, baseball, basketball, football, love ‘em all! My wife and I used to do CrossFit – we’re both certified Olympic weightlifting coaches but over the past few years our toddler has taken up most of our free time, plus we just had another kid 4 months ago so any time that was left is officially spoken for.  


Mark Erdeljac

What brought you to fivestar*?

I’ve been doing development work since I graduated in 2010. Over the past few years, I left my previous company and moved back up to Meadville. I ended up in other (non-development) roles and missed the challenge that development work presented: how do we take human business rules and logic and transform that into in application? So I started looking for a job that would let me do that and found fivestar*!  

What are you most excited to get started on?

I’m really just super excited to get back into development work as a whole. We’ve got a number of high-impact projects that I can’t wait to dive into and bring my knowledge and skillset to.  

Describe your role as a developer

In the short term – working to develop solutions that solve our clients’ problems. Over time, I’m looking forward to becoming part of the decision-making process and outlining what those solutions might look like.  

What are your hobbies?

I love sports, weightlifting, and video games! I don’t have a ton of free time right now, but when I do its spent on either one of those things.  

What’s a unique fact about yourself?

Both my wife and I are certified Olympic weightlifting coaches! 


Certified Olympic Weight Lifting Coaches


About the Author: Mark Erdeljac

As a full-stack developer, I work to develop solutions that solve our clients’ problems. When I'm not coding, I'm an avid sports fan and weightlifter but spend most of my time with my family.

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