Five With fivestar* Weekly Roundup


Five With fivestar*: Weekly Roundup

By: Cameron Avrigean  | February 10th, 2020

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Five With fivestar*

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fivestar* is driven by curiosity - we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to learn and share our knowledge. Whether you’re a technologist, manager, or marketer, it's tough to stay in the know in the ever-evolving technology space We'll be putting the best and most informative articles we find here every week so that you can cut through the clutter and get the most valuable information.

1. You’ve Probably Never Heard of Robotic Process Automation, but...

Technology is reshaping the way we work - this article shows what might change and what might not.

Author Samantha Darlymple dives into the complicated implications of augmenting your workforce with software robots. The biggest takeaways are that RPA isn't simply going to eliminate jobs as many predict, instead, it gives employees "virtual assistants" allowing them to eliminate the repetitive and unegaging work that drags them down.

Read it here - via Scientific American

"When RPA is implemented in a company, it changes the way we work. Luckily, there is nothing to fear, because these robots aren’t going to replace us. They’ll function as virtual assistants, completing our monotonous tasks and leaving us with more time to focus on complex, stimulating work in our day-to-day jobs. As employee engagement goes up, and burnout goes down, our quality of life will ultimately be improved with the changes brought by RPA."

2. What Does Robotic Process Automation Look Like in Healthcare?

Healthcare Worker Using Laptop

Author Andrew Steger discusses RPAs place in healthcare, noting that the technology hasn't found the same footholds that it has in other industries that have led to its massive growth.

Read it here - via HealthTech

"RPA robots are capable of mimicking almost any predictable human interaction, allowing them to log in to applications, move files, fill in forms and more. Leveraging this technology in healthcare presents opportunities that can free up clinicians’ time and enhance care delivery."

3. The future of work requires a return to apprenticeships

photo from apprenticeship article
Apprenticeship programs can help global companies fill available jobs and train and reskill workers

Author Matthew Lauer discusses the Future of Work and the implications of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), noting that while job prospects remain extremely positive, there is a huge skills gap that needs to be addressed. The main solution he offers is apprenticeship programs - something we're particularly passionate about. He outlines some historically successful apprenticeship programs and how the need for them will only grow in coming years - noting that the public and private sector need to work together to get workers in a position for success in a constantly evolving market. 

Read it here - via WeForum.org

"As the World Economic Forum has noted, while the outlook for jobs is positive, on average, 42% of skills requirements are expected to change by 2022 alone. Reskilling is one of the major necessities and challenges of our era."

4. 2020 Predictions About Automation And The Future Of Work From Forrester

2020 Predictions for Automation from Forrester
2020 Predictions for Automation from Forrester

Author Gil Press dives into the 2020 Automation Predictions report from Forrester and provides a host of valuable takeaways. He takes time to focus on Robotic Process Automation, showcasing the need for a shift from point solutions to comprehensive, integrated ones so that organizations can get the most out of their automation - we agree.

Read it here - via Forbes.com

"While many “commodity tasks” have been automated (Forrester estimates that most organizations have automated at least 20% of what the service desk has traditionally done and that some have automated up to 80%), there is still a lot of low-hanging fruit in the enterprise, waiting to be automated."

5. How Community College of Beaver County is helping industrial partners overcome workforce training and development challenges

Local advanced manufacturers have struggled to find a skilled, motivated workforce with foundational skills.

This article by Daniel Bates discusses the changing needs of Western Pennsylvania advanced manufacturers and industrial operators. These changing needs have lead to a skills gap that the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) and fivestar* partner the TEAM Consortium are helping to remedy.

Read it here - via Pittsburgh Business Times

“These are technical jobs that require people who are knowledgeable, have technical skills and are safety-focused. I think we’re finally seeing a change in the educational mindset.”

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About the Author: Cameron Avrigean

Cameron Avrigean is a Marketing Coordinator at fivestar*. Cameron is an analytics fanatic with a penchant for copywriting and social media. He works with the marketing team to create engaging content, and is looking for the next big thing. Cameron holds a B.S. in Business Management from Point Park University.

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