January 2018

fivestar* welcomes the new year with open arms — and a whole new look! While we had a great 2017, we also realized it was time for a visual makeover. After all, we’ve evolved over the last 20 years and our brand image needed to do the same! We’re excited to show off our new look — a look that better represents fivestar* today and beyond. Read “New Year, New Look” below for the drivers behind the new fivestar* logo.

As always, this installment of Luminary also gives you a glimpse into articles we love, projects we’ve been working on, knowledge we’ve shared, and how we are continuing to give back to our community.

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9 Technology Mega Trends That Will Change 2018

9 Technology Mega Trends That Will Change 2018

Some tech trends fizzle out before year end, while others are so significant that they transform our world and how we live in it. Here are the top nine tech mega trends that some experts believe will define 2018 and beyond. 

Predictions include: increased data in everyday life, the rise of artificial intelligence, expanded use of platforms for business growth, continued advancements in automation, and more.

Read on for the 9 mega trends.

How Colleges Can Sweep Away The Skills Gap

How Colleges Can Sweep Away The Skills Gap

Student success is currently one of the biggest priorities for all higher education institutions — and for good reason. The six-year graduation rate of undergraduate students in the US who enrolled in 2009 and sought bachelor’s degrees at four years is only 59 percent.

Various approaches can enhance student success — here are 12 areas of focus that will be front and center for US institutions in 2018.

Read on for approaches to closing the gap.

What We’re Working On

What We’re Working On

In November, fivestar* launched a Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) technology pilot program that allows an institution to determine which technology solution best supports their particular approach to assessing, evaluating, and awarding credit. With a pilot, technology can tested and approach refined before committing full-scale financial investment and personnel resources involved with a complete system rollout.

Learn more about our CPL pilot program.

Where We’ve Been

Where We've Been

fivestar* recently attended The Next Web (TNW) invitation only event in New York. TNW is focused on both existing and emerging technology trends ranging from artificial intelligence to The Internet of Things (IoT) to UX Design. Attendees connected with other authority leaders in the tech, media, and communications industries for insights on how to best adopt today’s advancements and proactively plan for well-informed predictions of the future.

See where else we’ve been.

Employee Highlight: Alex Gindin

Employee Highlight: Alex Gindin

Alex Gindin, Director, Solutions Design and PMO, has been intregal to fivestar* over the past two years. As a skillful multitasker, Alex serves as a PMP, product manager, analyst, and consultant with more than a decade of progressive experience in bringing new products to market through the development of technologies and adaptive strategies that enable business growth. Using human-centered design, he solves business problems using accessible technologies and processes. Alex enables clients to align products with their needs, values, and culture.

“One of my favorite things about fivestar* is that there are almost limitless opportunities for learning and exploring, while at the same time creating tangible, lasting value for our clients.”

Alex Gindin, PMP

fivestar* Cares: Alz Association

fivestar* Cares: Alz Association

The team proudly participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. With fundraising led by one of our Project Managers, fivestar* friends and family raised more than $1,800 for Alzheimer’s Association research!

New Year, New Look

Our team has been hard at work developing a new brand identity that is more representative of today’s fivestar*. The top design goal for our new look? To better reflect who we are now — while staying true to our defining mission characteristic of delivering innovative, quality solutions. We’re excited to reveal our new logo!



fivestar* got its start more than two decades ago. Over the years we’ve focused on evolution, innovation, and better serving our clients by helping them navigate rapidly changing technologies. We’ve enhanced our service offerings, added more experts and analysts to our team, expanded upon the industries we serve, and have big plans for the future — all centered around bringing even more value to our clients.

It’s important that our branding conveys both where we have been — and where we are headed. As business analysts and strategic partners, we aren’t just providing implementation and deployment services. We’re complex problem solvers offering solutions that help you connect, collaborate, and deliver results.

At fivestar*, we don’t simply think outside the box. We think like there is no box. We are creative, curious, and eager to solve any challenge — large or small — and show you possibilities previously undiscovered. And we believe our new branding better reflects this truth.

We look forward to partnering in the new year!

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