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Successful Business Application Solutions

Our custom software solutions organize and process complex data, modernize existing systems and accelerate day-to-day operations. We create software that supports your business-critical functions.

Custom Software Projects

A customized e-commerce platform that provides a highly intuitive, dynamic user experience to create personalized products and end-to-end integration with the on-premises ERP solution.

Learning management platform that delivers curated training, plus the ability to plan, track, and assess professional development using a wide variety of courses and assessment tools for thousands of associates.

A longitudinal data warehouse that integrates academic, state and federal labor data to provide targeted career pathways guidance and in-depth analysis on program outcomes.

A platform that manages, coordinates, and reports on transition benefit information and events to transitioning military personnel in bases across the globe.

A content management system that modernizes a heavily paper-based process through the use of an XML-driven online platform that enables multi-lingual content authoring and publishing.

A clinical support system that allows practices to monitor patient medication lists for adverse drug-drug and drug-gene interactions enabling recommendations based on patient vitals, demographics, therapies, and prescriptions.

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