Is your Salesforce Org Healthy?

Salesforce is the heartbeat your organization. Often, just like personal health and wellness, Salesforce Health may not get the care it needs and put on some extra technical weight affecting critical issues impacting adoption, performance, and security.

According to the average Salesforce user,
studies show:

of data is no longer relevant*

of data is incomplete*

of users report 80% of data is not useful or reliable**

458 of 503
total Salesforce users had high-risk permission sets***

Sources:*Salesforce dreamforce 2020, **The Salesforce User’s Benchmark Report, ***According to a study done by Fair Warning

Salesforce Healthcheck transforms your business by:

  • Raising the quality of Salesforce data to increase sales
  • Building more sustainable relationships with customers
  • Reducing the cost of sales
  • Increasing employee productivity with optimized workflows
  • Improving customer retention and satisfaction
  • Eliminating security concerns and risks

How Healthcheck works

Healthcheck is our Salesforce evaluation process that provides insights and recommendations that revive, refine, and transform your Org. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of the current state of your Salesforce Org by:

  • Running Salesforce Optimizer and Checkmarx Reports
  • Manually check for issues Optimizer and Checkmarx reports missed
  • Identifying low-hanging security risks
  • Making UX/UI recommendations

As a result of the Healthcheck, we supply you with a plan of recommendations to improve the overall health of your Salesforce Org that will lead your company to better business outcomes. The plan is yours to keep. Should you choose to implement the plan, we can assist you in that process.

Healthcheck is offered at no cost to organizations with a maximum of:

  • 2 clouds
  • 3 integrations
  • 50 licenses

If your organization exceeds those parameters, we provide a fixed cost, with the first 40 hours free.

After a Salesforce Healthcheck

I completed a Healthcheck, now what?

If you would like to implement our plan to improve Org health, we can assist you with that! Our recommendations and procedures are designed to ensure the ongoing health of your Org and prevent any further issues.

We deep clean your Org to address security risk, technical debt, and all high-priority issues identified in the assessment.

  • Address security concerns and risks
  • Optimize fields, page layouts, and workflows
  • Remove unused licenses, reports, and dashboards
  • Document results and achievements

We implement the code optimization and remove inefficiencies.

  • Custom code optimization
  • Lightning migration of current applications
  • Data management
  • Document results and achievements
  • Provide immunity recommendations

We execute procedures designed to ensure the ongoing health of your Org and prevent any further issues.

  • Implement critical updates and upgrades
  • Implement performance tracking process
  • Track metadata changes
  • Ongoing audits, checkups, and optimizations

A Healthcheck revives, refines, and transforms your Salesforce Org to be better aligned with your business goals.