A food retailer with more than 400 multi-state locations was seeking tech expertise to develop a web-mobile application that would enable district and regional managers to schedule, complete and report on store surveys. Technology is pervasive throughout the retailer, with district and regional managers equipped with a variety of devices, driving performance and expectations.

Driven initially by the goal to improve an electronic survey application, fivestar* helped conceive an entirely new concept. A platform was developed that integrates targeted applications and information to be accessible by various devices at the time and place of need. The solution entailed creating a key proof-of-concept and directional test for future technology-based initiatives. Throughout design and development, the team evaluates processes and progress in order to apply improvements and lessons learned to future projects.

The goal of a better survey application was addressed, and in addition, a solution was created that provides the tools to schedule, complete, report and follow up on store surveys as well as access other critical information regarding each store. The launch screen of the application is a dashboard from which all functionality is made accessible. The application is designed in HTML5, responsively adjusting its user interface to the device it is being viewed upon and exposing appropriate functionalities as needed.

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