A global financial services company’s existing North American sales portal required an extensive transformation to incorporate the company’s five additional global regions into its structure. Additionally, each region required unique administrative capabilities. Solving the critical need for a centralized global sales and marketing portal became vital to the business.

Due to the highly complex nature of the portal and multitude of stakeholders, fivestar* experts consulted with global and regional teams to identify not only the functionality changes, but the organizational challenges as well. To efficiently and effectively enable the portal’s transformation, fivestar* formulated and executed a communication plan, established and facilitated advisory boards for site governance, rebuilt the portal site and provided training and performance support.

Now a single, global portal, the new site receives 2,000+ unique visitors monthly and has grown to 2,500+ content pages with 6,000+ documents. To maximize an advanced level of knowledge sharing, the global site now incorporates content from all regions and enables 24/7/365 access to up-to-date product information.

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