Although one of the fastest growing convenience stores in the nation, with $4B+ in sales, 350+ locations across 6 states, and 15,000+ employees — the family-owned business was experiencing an average 49 percent personnel turnover rate at its store locations. The solution? Build a system to improve recruiting and retention practices — and proactively reduce attrition — by creating a more efficient and effective job application process.

In response to the challenge, fivestar* created an interactive, fully branded web-based Realistic Job Preview that is available on the company’s corporate website. The Realistic Job Preview provides applicants with a true understanding of job requirements, dress and appearance codes, and pre-employment screening processes. It concludes with an online compatibility instrument to help potential applicants determine if the job is right for them before they begin the next step: the application process.

By presenting a realistic look at employment with the company and sharing company policies and standards up front, prospective employees can self-select out of the hiring process prior to submitting an application. This saves the applicant time and the company the expense of high applicant traffic. Overall turnover was reduced by 2 percent in the first year with a total savings of $350,000 in manager time alone for an ROI of 500 percent of project cost.

The Realistic Job Preview was presented as a case study at the International American Society of Training and Development conference and is also featured in the book entitled “Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad” by Dick Finnegan.

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