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We're improving the way we all work with robotic process automation, saving our customers time and money.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is taking the world by storm. At fivestar*, we deliver on what RPA does best - automate labor-intensive business tasks and reduce costs for your organization.

We all know what drags us down -- using fragmented technology, redundant processes and labor-intensive repetitive work. Regardless of the industry sector and business type, RPA wipes out the mundane tasks and allows you to focus on running your business.

It's OK to demand high efficiency.

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Our Approach

RPA has emerged as the best practice for automating repetitive, labor-intensive tasks across all industries. It can help your business, too. Here's how:

Workflow management

fivestar* uses RPA to automate workflows in your organization to improve process efficiency and effectiveness. We can implement RPA to conduct thorough data screening, provide progress tracking to all employees, and build and update training plans — saving HR managers considerable time and effort.

By using RPA with a company's learning management system, we were able to dramatically reduce manager time assigning training to employees, and automated key reports.


Data updates and migration

Through effective integration with a third-party partner, proper training of employees, and process monitoring, fivestar* uses RPA to cut migration time and costs, while simultaneously enabling accurate and detailed extraction of information.

By using RPA to manage a complex ecosystem of integrations and data, we created a single platform that serves the needs of all stakeholders – reducing licensing and data management costs.

Document Management

fivestar* uses RPA to bring new efficiencies to document management and compliance. From publishing digital content to automating the creation of print-ready pdfs, RPA can elevate your document management tools. We've helped companies achieve a more efficient workforce by reducing review times from weeks to days and reduced print output by 99%.

By bringing automated digital processes into the fold, we effectively eliminated the need to ship materials, saving a client over $1m per year.


Support functions

With fivestar* as your RPA partner, we can improve your existing accounting, HR, and procurement practices to save costs and increase efficiency. RPA allows you to refocus high value employees to tasks that generate value and improve the utilization of resources across all departments.

With RPA we reduced the time required for a client’s project billing analysis from 40 hours to 1 hour.

We’ve made huge impacts for our clients with RPA.

Are you ready to automate repetitive, labor-intensive tasks to save time and money?

How we transformed our clients processes with RPA

The Workforce Tracking and Billing solution ensures the billing and tracking of employee time is accurate, consistent,
and timely

The Document Workflow Management solution enables organizations to create, index, query, compile, and distribute
organizational and/or regulated policies and procedures.

The Employee Automated Learning Management solution helps organizations manage individual employee learning
and training plans through automated assignment of just-in-time training.

The Automated Medications Insights solution provides clinicians and consultant pharmacists with timely assessments of patient conditions, therapies, medications, and alerts.

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