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Offering an integrated platform for sales, service, commerce, and marketing, Salesforce can help streamline your interactions with clients, partners, and employees - adding value at every step. Whether you’re looking to implement Salesforce for the first time, transitioning to Lightning, or evaluating how Salesforce's Customer 360 Platform can expand the value of your existing implementation, fivestar*’s expertise and strategic partnerships can help you transform your business.

For over 23 years, fivestar* has helped organizations navigate the complexity of implementing new technology.  To help organizations seamlessly and cost-effectively implement Salesforce solutions, we have partnered with Extentia – a Salesforce Gold Consulting partner and one of only a select few PDO-Specialist Navigators in the world. Extentia has worked on over 250 salesforce projects over the last 10 years, across industries ranging from logistics and manufacturing to healthcare.

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Introducing healthcheck - Our Salesforce evaluation process that provides insights and recommendations to revive, refine, and transform your Org. healthcheck can help you identify and address problems from data management to adoption.

Most organizations are eligible for a free assessment.

Salesforce development

Salesforce Development

From ideation to product launch, AppExchange Development has your needs covered. Our solutions are secure, scalable, and built to your exact specifications.

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Multi-Cloud Experience

Whether you’re implementing Salesforce for the first time or adding a new product to your robust Salesforce environment, we can help you transform your business.

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Custom Integrations

Seamlessly integrate salesforce with your existing tools – ensuring no valuable data is lost. View details to see just a few of the platforms we can help you integrate with salesforce.

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Lightning Ready

Migrating from the classic Salesforce experience to lightning? We can help.

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Salesforce empowers workforce development experts to easily customize and scale agile cloud-based programs that can meet evolving COVID-19 & Industry 4.0 challenges. With workforce development projects built on the the Salesforce platform, agencies can increase their time-to-action, enhance communication and collaboration with stakeholders, assess real time data, and improve accessibility of workforce services. With the recently released Work.com those solutions can be augmented with contact tracing, shift management and other solutions that ensure safety at the workplace.


Not-for-profit solutions built on Salesforce allow organizations to serve and benefit the people that matter the most. We have enabled such organizations by providing access to Salesforce products and resources and creating comprehensive views of clients, customers, and partner organizations. We have also created Lightning communities for collaboration between members and partners, and a central system for management of not-for-profit projects.

Higher Education

Salesforce for education utilizes social, mobile, and cloud to create connected and empowered learning environments. Our experience in the education space includes a single, seamless platform that provides educational institutions with a consolidated view of their students’ user journeys. A single consolidated system fosters opportunities for remote collaboration and optimizes productivity.  Some of Extentia’s most notable initiatives in the education domain include portals with file storage and payment gateway integrations.


Healthcare solutions built on the Salesforce platform allow users to connect with the person behind every patient, providing a holistic view of each patient, healthcare provider, and other stakeholders in the healthcare community. Extentia has significant expertise in creating solutions both on Salesforce Health Cloud as well as traditional clouds like the Sales and Service Cloud. Projects in the healthcare space also include a Community Cloud implementation for building patient communities.


Extentia has significant experience building financial services solutions on Salesforce – to provides proactive insights, omnichannel integrations with streamlined processes for collaboration, and a 360-degree view of customer profiles, interactions, and opportunities. In recent years, we have implemented turnkey solutions on Salesforce’s Financial Service Cloud – including the migration of business processes to a new org integrated with Financial Services Cloud for wealth management, the ability to provide a holistic view into customer’s financial history and investment, and display snapshots of business transactions.

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Implementing Salesforce can be overwhelming. With fivestar*'s experience in analysis and design, combined with Extentia's proven work in over 200 Salesforce projects globally, our team can quickly pinpoint how and where Salesforce fits to solve your specific needs.

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Ensure a seamless technology experience with Salesforce. From configuration to integration, fivestar*’s expertise in workflow optimization and automation can help you get the most from your existing technology.

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fivestar*’s U.S.-based consulting, analysis, and project management teams, coupled with Extentia’s 100+ off-shore Salesforce Gold Certified Center of Excellence team allows us to optimize your budget to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

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