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fivestar* is your partner for developing intelligent technology solutions that help prepare your organization for the future of work.

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Working with leading regional and national businesses and workforce consortiums, fivestar* develops solutions that streamline re- and up-skilling initiatives, and support workers, adult learners, and veterans and their journey to new career pathways.

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We help you evaluate how to best use technology and software to meet your workforce goals. We are dedicated to creating scalable, sustainable solutions that set people on pathways to new careers and provides the data you need to manage the process.

Workforce development
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Our workforce development solutions

Credit for Prior Learning
Creating and managing credit for prior learning workflows from onboarding through credit award, increasing student participation and reducing manual work.

Career Pathways
Connecting students and employees with training providers and employers who can help them take their next steps towards in-demand careers.

Learning Management
Creating dynamic and configurable systems to manage, deploy, and track highly individual training plans.

Data Management 
Automating complex workflows to increase efficiencies within organizations, increasing operational effectiveness and reducing overall operational costs.

Course Management 
Centralized data and content management platforms for administrators and streamlined course information access for students.

Workforce development success stories

resturant drive-thru

Training 30,000 associates in over 400 locations in real time

How we helped a regional restaurant chain optimized a learning management system to launch new content in real time to 30,000 associates in 400 locations.

community college

Connecting students to career opportunities to gain meaningful employment

How we helped a state-wide community college integrate systems to synthesized complex data to create accurate and timely decision-making with better student learning outcomes.

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fivestar* creates technology solutions that prepare individuals and organizations for the future of work