How a digital payments company converted an inefficient manual, global workflow to a sustainable, data-driven solution


A world leader in digital payments wanted to reduce labor and materials costs by converting a 10,000 page globally distributed operational standards document to an online data-driven content management and publishing system. Employees worldwide were required to access any combination of these 10,000 operating standards, resulting in massive paper volumes being printed, shipped, and distributed around the globe in seven languages.

Due to publication and distribution constraints, the documents were only delivered semi-annually, and required recipients to sift through thousands of documentation pages to find a subset of specific standards that were often outdated.


fivestar* used Robotic Process Automation to create an online data-driven content management and publishing system with rich search capabilities to let analysts find and assemble regulations into localized micro-volumes as digital documents and printable PDFs. The system cut search and assembly times from days to minutes, reduced print output by 99%, and eliminated shipping.

The system allowed for rich text editing capabilities and content review workflows to enable many roles to access, approve, and publish content digitally in real-time. This reduced review times from weeks to days and eliminated outdated information in the field. New workflows were added to allow content managers to import and link older regulations for historical integrity, and to make change-overtime queries for specific regulations, and to publish specific content to other platforms like the corporate Intranet.

The system was further expanded to become the primary repository for all digital documentation.

fivestar* created large-scale time and cost efficiencies by combining SaaS solutions and custom technology to convert a massive global workflow to a sustainable, data-driven solution


fivestar* created the system utilizing an XML-based, XQuery-driven NoSQL database engine. The solution included an XML digital document repository and a custom document composite engine optimized for scale and search.


built with Microsoft .net
application built with Entity Framework
application built with SQL
data-driven workflow


The application has significantly increased turnaround time, productivity, and accuracy, resulting in saving more than $1M per year by reducing waste in materials and labor. Moreover, it has supported our client’s commitment to preserving the environment and sustainability. Our client has also reduced operating standards by 50%, as the system could identify redundancies.

Why a custom solution?

The extent of configuration and the overall cost of ownership substantially exceeded the cost of creating a hybrid solution that integrated components of a SaaS solution, requiring minor configuration, along with a customized solution to address the unique workflow requirements of the client.

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