Your personal software development partner.

Is your software keeping up pace with an ever-evolving digital world? With 24 years of experience, and a stellar client retention rate, we can help.

Looking to solve a technology challenge?

fivestar* is your partner to develop custom web applications and software solutions that accelerate your business. Need to build a new enterprise solution or modernize and integrate existing systems? fivestar* can design and build exactly what you need, at the right scale.

Common obstacles our custom solutions help overcome:

Get to know us.

We are a 24-year young Pittsburgh-based boutique company that provides unique technology solutions across the U.S. When a project is launched, our partnership doesn’t end. As your needs grow and evolve, we’re here to make sure your technology does, too. Our greatest honor is 98% of our clients engage us on multiple projects spanning 5-8 years on average.

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Why fivestar*?

Built to the right scale. No too small or too big here. Our consulting, analysis, and project management teams develop a plan that allows us to optimize your budget to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Forward thinking. We build the software you need today, with the future in mind. And we provide the support and service you need after the project is complete. As your business evolves, your software and our relationship can, too.

Modified Agile methodology. We look at your project holistically and build incrementally. You get useable code in bi-weekly releases that builds to the final product.

Human-centered design. We go beyond “user-friendly.” Everything we create is driven by your peoples’ needs, using best practice design techniques.

Powered By DevOps. Our development and operations teams work together to continuously develop, test, and deliver our solutions. We use current DevOps practices and tools to respond to your needs to drive results faster and more effectively.

Our success stories. We helped our clients to…

Save $1,000,000 per year

as a result of implementing an application that increased turnaround time, productivity, and accuracy.

Train 30,000 associates in 400 locations

in real time through a learning management system as sessions are deployed by management.

Refocus the efforts of 2.5 staff members annually

to servicing agency clients by implementing an onboarding survey tool that eliminated manual work.

Save 200 hours per quarter

compiling data to near real-time access through a self-service portal.

Offset the investment of a custom solution in 3 years

by eliminating the cost of licensing fees for the previously used off-the-shelf software.

Our Solutions


Workforce Development

fivestar* is your partner for developing intelligent technology solutions that help prepare your organization for the future of work.


Custom Software

Developing a completely new application or harnessing the power of your existing systems? fivestar* designs and builds software that accelerates your business.


Salesforce Development & Implementation

Looking to implement Salesforce for the first time, transitioning to Lightning, or evaluating how you can expand the value of your existing implementation? fivestar* helps you leverage Salesforce to transform your business.

Some of Our Clients

Looking to solve a challenge?

fivestar* develops custom solutions that accelerate your business.