Delivering Impact

Looking to streamline delivery, do more with less, or increase capacity? You aren’t alone, and fivestar* can help. We deliver technology-based solutions and consulting services — enabling people to connect, collaborate, and carry out objectives. We deliver unique solutions that make an impact, yet we approach each project with a healthy dose of pragmatism. That means fivestar* projects are never over-engineered – we work within practical realities for results that are both meaningful and achievable.

With more than 20 years experience, we know that transformation doesn’t happen with a flip of the switch (or a click of a button). Along with developing your technology, our implementation and training services help make sure people are equipped to use it.

Explore our offerings below or contact us today to see how we can help your organization.

Higher Education

Raise the bar on institutional performance with innovative platforms.

Workforce Development

Remove boundaries to economic growth with centralized technology.


Put the mission in motion through improved accessibility and streamlined service delivery.

Business Technology

Gain business advantage with transformational tech solutions.

Implementation and Training

Transform people into peak performers for optimal results.

Development Director, Non-Profit

“Everyone I’ve worked with at fivestar* is genuinely devoted to understanding and meeting our needs in order to support advancing NLSA’s mission through technology.” — Development Director, Non-Profit

Manager, Fortune 500 Company

“fivestar* delivered a real measurable solution! They educated our organization on performance improvement and the pitfalls of approaching training with a one-size-fits-all approach. Between the exceptional people and the professional product they delivered, we improved our performance on this one activity 70 percent! We are transferring this learning to everything we do! Thanks fivestar*!” — Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Senior Business Leader, Fortune 500 Company

“fivestar* is one of the best vendors I have ever worked with. They were efficient, skilled and cost effective. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their skill set.” — Senior Business Leader, Fortune 500 Company

Executive, Fortune 500 Company

“fivestar* is one of the best vendors I have ever worked with. They were efficient, skilled and cost effective. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their skill set.” — Executive, Fortune 500 Company

VP, Fortune 1000 Company

“My experience with fivestar* has been nothing less than outstanding.” — VP, Fortune 1000 Company

COO, Non-Profit

“We’re actively seeking technology tools to improve processes and create efficiencies, from initial assessment to data and trends analysis, while also making sure we can create the best customer experience possible. fivestar* has what we’re looking for to achieve our technology goals. Their experienced professionals are smart about unifying processes with technology — and they deliver on their promises.” — COO, Non-Profit

Sourcing Manager, Fortune 1000 Client

“I wish all of my vendors were the caliber of fivestar*! Their staff is amazing! They are experts in their field without arrogance. They kindly and professionally helped us through situations we had never experienced. They are a great partner and extremely easy to collaborate with. Their communication style is very proactive, open, and honest. They follow through and deliver as promised. Working with fivestar* is like working with an extension of our own company. It never felt like two distinct companies — that’s how closely we worked together towards a common goal!” — Sourcing Manager, Fortune 1000 Client

VP, Fortune 500 Company

“I just walked through the solution. Very good work. This is exactly what I had hoped it would be.” — VP, Fortune 500 Company

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