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fivestar* is your partner for custom software solutions that help run and grow your business with a tailored approach to your needs, workflows and functions.

Custom software solutions for every need.

Your traditional technologies may not be keeping pace with the amount of innovation required to support a growing digital world. Change brought about by disruption is pushing many organizations to adapt. How can we help? At fivestar* we have 25 years of experience helping our clients to create new software solutions, update legacy technology and create custom integrations to optimize workflows.

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What technology challenge do you need to solve?

Here are some common obstacles our custom solutions help overcome.

Task Automation
I want to automate manual tasks to save time and labor costs.

Update Legacy Technology
My technology is out of date and no longer meets my business needs.

Increase ROI
I need a better way to deliver business requirements to increase ROI.

Optimize Workflows
The software platforms I use are disjointed and my workflows are impacted.

Digital Acceleration
The pandemic has forced by company to accelerate digital change.

I need a better way to train, re- and up-skill my employees.

Custom solutions client success stories

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Enhanced global program management and eliminated labor costs

How a leading management and informational technology firm enhanced program management and reporting for hundreds of daily events in many countries.

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$1M per year saved by reducing waste in materials and labor

How a digital payments company converted an inefficient manual, global workflow to a sustainable, data-driven solution by implementing a custom technology solution.

precision medication management

200 hours saved quarterly by compiling data reports to near real-time access

How a leader in precision medication management and pharmacogenetic testing automated data to inform clinical decision making.

e-commerce site

Improved user experience and elevated product offerings in a crowded marketplace

How a B2B promotional products company expanded sales using a B2C e-commerce site integrating it with existing, proven e-commerce technologies.

Our solutions incorporate the following core concepts:

Centralize Workflows through user-centered design and a clear understanding of key workflow objectives and steps.

Optimize Processes through business intelligence and configurable rules that shift complexity and manual work away from end-users.

Enable Decision-Making through real-time data and comprehensive reporting tools that provide in-depth analysis and visual insights.

Looking to solve a challenge?

fivestar* develops custom solutions that accelerate your business.