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Custom software. Proven results.

Change brought about by disruption is pushing many organizations to adapt. How can we help?
Centralize Workflows
Optimize Processes
Enable Decision Making

Our approach

Analyze how your existing systems can be augmented with new technology to address your needs.

Using Human Centered Design, collaborate with you and your end-users to define the optimal solution and user experience for your budget.

Using the Agile methodology, create, test, and deploy features in a series of “sprints" allowing you to provide feedback throughout the development process.

Code is “pushed live” in a series of planned releases. Prior to launch, the appropriate training strategy and materials (if required) are designed for your audience. On an ongoing basis, the application is monitored and monthly reports are generated containing site usage and health statistics. Technical support hours are available for minor enhancements and content updates.

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Our solutions

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