Custom software. Proven results.

Custom software solutions can help run and grow your business with a tailored approach to your needs and functions.

Our solutions incorporate the following core concepts:

  • Centralize Workflows through user-centered design and a clear understanding of key workflow objectives and steps.
  • Optimize Processes through business intelligence and configurable rules that shift complexity and manual work away from end-users.
  • Enable Decision-Making through real-time data and comprehensive reporting tools that provide in-depth analysis and visual insights.
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Our Approach to Custom Software

Technology agnostic.

We’re not tied to any one software, platform, or development language. We have expertise in a wide range of technologies to use whatever’s best for you.

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Modified Agile methodology.

We look at your project holistically and build incrementally. You get useable code in bi-weekly releases that builds to the final product.

Human-centered design.

We go beyond “user-friendly.” Everything we create is driven by your peoples’ needs, using best practice design techniques.

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Forward thinking.

We build the software you need today, with the future in mind. And we provide the support and service you need after the project is complete. As your business evolves, your software and our relationship can, too.

Powered By DevOps.

Our development and operations teams work together to continuously develop, test, and deliver our solutions. We use current DevOps practices and tools to respond to your needs to drive results faster and more effectively.

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Looking to solve a challenge?

fivestar* develops custom solutions that accelerate your business.