Upskilling America for Careers in Robotics for Manufacturing

The Challenge

The ARM Institute, a Manufacturing USA® Institute funded by the Department of Defense, accelerates the development and adoption of innovative robotics technologies and workforce development strategies that are the foundation of every advanced manufacturing activity today and in the future. A 2018 report by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte found that 4.6 million jobs will need to be filled in robotics over the next decade, and 2.4 million of these jobs may go unfilled due to a lack of trained workers. To address this, ARM’s goal is to assemble and validate a national database and map of educational programs and resources that provide the skills required for today’s advanced manufacturing careers, with a focus on robotics.

fivestar* combined off-the-shelf technologies with an intuitive user experience to create a configurable solution that could be launched quickly and within a tight budget.
Computer screen displaying Robotics Career Portal
The Solution

ARM contracted with fivestar* to design and develop, Robotics will help define the competencies and roles required to meet advanced manufacturing employer needs; enable education seekers find programs that best meet these needs; inform employers, on what programs are available in their region that help upskill employees; present career pathway options for job seekers; and enable education providers to showcase their programs.