How a leading management and informational technology firm enhanced program management and reporting

The Challenge

A management and information technology consulting firm needed a comprehensive, globally scalable platform to manage the scheduling, approval, tracking, and reporting of participants, documents, and resources for hundreds of daily events in many countries. The existing process to track and coordinate event activities was being executed through massive spreadsheets and manual data-entry.The tracking and reporting of critical data that supported decision-making was inconsistent and error-prone. The process was expensive and time consuming for all stakeholders involved.

fivestar* dramatically reduced data errors and increased user productivity by bringing robotic process automation to a heavily excel-driven process that was negatively impacting global operations and customer service.
computer screen displaying a custom software solution
The Solution

Our client was tasked with providing daily informational briefings to thousands of people at hundreds of worldwide locations. To support this effort, fivestar* created an event management platform utilizing Robotic Process Automation that allowed individual benefits advisors to schedule events, assign resources, and track requirements for event completion.The scheduling of various event types and related hard documents and web forms were all managed in the platform. Senior administrators could quickly view availability of staff, perform approvals, review documentation, maintain workflows, and generate reporting.Since all event data was now centralized in one data-warehouse, reporting could occur in real-time with a high-level of accuracy, consistency, and the ability to analyze data across many dimensions. Due to the resounding success of the first launch, fivestar* was contracted to expand the platform to provide inventory management, new staff on-boarding, and deeper analytics and reporting. The platform received a 94% usability rating from our client, one of the highest scores ever achieved.