5 Warning Signs Your Org Needs a Salesforce Healthcheck

Just like your car’s check engine light, your Salesforce Org will start showing warning signs that it’s time for a Salesforce Healthcheck.

1. Concerns about Security Risks at your company.

Companies are increasingly aware of potential security risks; and are more frequently incorporating companywide system security audits - evaluating security risks and overall profile for your Salesforce Org is no exception. The Salesforce Security Health Check provides a thorough review of your security settings. You can now see and resolve security risks in your Session Settings, Password Policies, and Network Access settings.

A Salesforce Security Health Check lets you understand and proactively fix your org’s security risks and vulnerabilities from a single page within your Org’s setup. A summary score shows how your Org measures against a security baseline, like the Salesforce Baseline Standard. You can also choose to upload up to five custom baselines to use instead of the Salesforce Baseline Standard.

a chart showing the different results of a healthcheck and the associated recommendations.

Here are the official recommendations Salesforce gives based on the results of your Security Health Check.

It is recommended to run a Security on your Org at least once each quarter. For large, complex Org’s running multiple clouds, integrations from the AppExchange and with significant user interface, I would recommend running one monthly.

Many organizations are struggling to manage the impacts of turnover and your Salesforce team is no different. If you’ve experienced turnover within your Salesforce team, there’s likely a technical void left behind putting your Org at risk and preventing it from running smoothly. This may be the right time to seek an outside Salesforce consultant to help your company get a solid baseline understanding of your Salesforce Org.

Here's an example of our detailed Healthcheck report with specific issues called out.

Here's an example of our detailed Healthcheck report with specific issues called out.

2. Employee turnover of key people managing your Salesforce Org.

It’s important to note that employee turnover and layoffs can also affect the number of active Salesforce users and available Salesforce licenses. Salesforce does not permit users to be “deleted”; only deactivated or user records can be frozen. As part of your Health check and security assessment, be sure to review your Profiles, Roles and User licensing to ensure you have the right employees with the right access to Salesforce.

Salesperson on the phone discussing something

Maximizing the productivity of your sales and service teams should always be priority #1. Consider engaging with an external expert so your team can continue focusing on selling instead of getting bogged down and frustrated by not having the data they need. fivestar*’s Salesforce Consulting Team can help you get started with a Salesforce Healthcheck Assessment.

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3. User’s complaining about slow performance and busy page layouts.

Field creep is real. Especially if your Salesforce Org has been around a few years. Over time, basic and custom object fields seem to pop-up on your pages faster than the tribbles from Star Trek. A Salesforce Heathcheck combs through all your custom fields and page layouts; and identifies potential candidates for cleanup. We’ve found that UI problems are even more problematic than most admins realize and can dramatically exaggerate existing issues within your Org.

captain kirk with tribbles

Does your Salesforce UI make you feel like Captain Kirk? We can help.

If you find slow performance and cluttered page layouts are significantly limiting user adoption your ability to effectively serve your customers, consider engaging a Salesforce consultant to help you tune-up your UI to include fewer fields, auto-populate data where possible, and perform data validation to expedite recording leads, opportunities and sales.

4. Poor data quality, inaccurate reports and messy Dashboards

A 2020 Salesforce Dreamforce survey revealed that users reported 80% of data in their Salesforce Org’s is not useful or reliable. Ouch! Furthermore, users stated that 90% of data is incomplete. These statistics only highlight the cost of decisions made based on bad data and can be particularly damaging for sales and customer service representatives supporting your customer’s needs.

80% of data in Salesforce was reported as not useful or reliable.
(Source: 2020 Dreamforce Survey)

A Salesforce Healthcheck is the first crucial step to fully assess the quality of your data, eliminate technical debt and duplicates, and build an action plan for your data clean-up.

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5. Your Salesforce Org has limited or no integration with other systems in your company.

Limited Salesforce integration with other business systems requires employees to manually transfer data between systems – increasing the chance for data entry errors and security risk exposure. A Salesforce Healthcheck can you understand how data flows (and where it gets bottlenecked) throughout your business operations.

Failing to integrate your existing systems with Salesforce is like leaving a cable unplugged.

Failing to integrate your existing systems with Salesforce is like leaving a cable unplugged.

If you’re not already integrating Salesforce with other operational systems, this is your opportunity to do so. The Salesforce AppExchange provides a wide range of third-party integration apps; and check out Salesforce’s Mulesoft that provides a platform to design and build API’s to integrate all your business data with Salesforc

What's next?

Your Salesforce Org is the heartbeat of your organization, at its best it can help you reduce the cost of sales, build more sustainable relationships with your customers, and increase productivity.

Left unattended, your Org can fill up with bad data – slowing your team down and jeopardizing security. Regular Healthchecks are the key to a successful long-term Salesforce strategy. At fivestar*, we’ve developed and refined our Healthcheck process to offer as much value as possible and to prove it, we’ll give you the first 40 hours for free.

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